Tuesday, January 11, 2005


The Armenian press has a lot to say about Turkey:

"Even though the Armenian communities of Europe did everything in their power to make the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the opening of the border with Armenia pre-conditions for Turkey’s membership, the EU did not include these requests in its agreement with Turkey for the start of the talks. The 25 heads of the EU member states, not only ignored the Armenian issues, but more significantly, they did not demand the withdrawal of the Turkish occupying forces from Cyprus -- the territory of an EU member state!"

"It remains to be seen whether the Turks can dupe the Europeans into accepting them into the EU more than 10 years from now, by simply making a lot of cosmetic changes in their laws and giving the appearance of complying with all the EU requirements. Of course, the Turks could also face a rude awakening. If 10 years from now the Turkish troops are still occupying Cyprus, there would be practically no chance that Turkey would be admitted to the EU. The Cypriots would certainly use their veto then."

AZG Armenian Daily

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