Tuesday, March 29, 2005

An Improbable War and Turkey's New Opportunities

Another reporter gets the word on the street from some Turks on America and a controversial book . . .

"We want dialogue with the U.S., not war," says Turkish author Burak Turna. "We have written this book to prevent a war."

"Most recent Western articles about Metal Storm have centered simply on the fact that it has sold over 150,000 copies – but not bothered to get the feedback of anyone who actually read it."

"My frequent trips to the country over the past six years have shown me that in the vast majority of cases, any American, so long as they act sensibly and respectfully, will be treated well by most Turks. And a recent AP report conceded as much: "while criticism of Bush and U.S. policy has skyrocketed, there is little hostility toward Americans on the streets."

"Some Turks fear there is a religious dimension to this as well. "We can see clearly who supports Bush's wars: Israel and the Christian fundamentalists in America. These people are like crusaders. They want to make the whole world like them. It is true, Turkey is a secular Muslim state, but it is a Muslim state [nonetheless], and religious people here are afraid that they would like to 'convert' us someday."

"Turkey can be and should be a superpower in the world. We have all the resources and historical background for that. The EU would benefit from us but there is little benefit we can take from them. Turkey is a must for Europe's future, if they want to stay as one, but they are not a must for us."
An Improbable War and Turkey's New Opportunities - by Christopher Deliso

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