Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fiction is Stranger Than Truth

First, this author has the US and Turkey in a full blown war over a minor conflict between soldiers in Iraq, in his next novel Burak Turna turns his conspiracy obsessed eyes to the whole world:

"The book describes how 'a secret world-wide organization of capitalists and religious leaders try to shape today's political arena into a worldwide war, so they can take the right position in a process almost unstoppable' - a process which would appear to make Armaggedon sound quite tranquil in comparison."

"First the US and China clash over Taiwan; the US Navy is reduced to "scrap" by "Chinese might." Neo-Nazism returns to Europe, this time targeting Muslims too, leading the Russians and the "great Turkish army" to invade. Meanwhile, India is invading Guam for some reason and the Turkish commandos and Chinese spies are trying to thwart the US from fulfilling its ambitions to use a"crazy space gun" to wipe out the Red Army. Brr!" Rapid Reactions: Turkey's "Metal Storm" Author Tops the Charts with "World War III" Sequel

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