Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"You have not left your country my love"

"Hrant Dink's wife Rakel Dink made a farewell speech in front of
thousands of people and said: "I am here with great honor and with
great sorrow. You have left the ones you loved, you have left my arms
but you have not left your country, my love."

"Thousands marched after Dink's funeral car without shouting slogans or
protesting his timeless death. The crowd was surrounded by great

Rakel Dink's farewell speech filled everyone's eyes
in tears. Rakel Dink quoted the Bible and said: "There is no greater
virtue than sacrificing your life for others. I am sending off my love
today. We will walk without shouting slogans, without disturbing the
people around us. There is no other solution than to find the dark
hands which create villains out of babies."

SABAH Newspaper English Edition - National - "You have not left your country my love"

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