Monday, April 23, 2007

Turkish Islamists face Christians' death trial

"I don't think this has a religious root, it's about nationality," she said. "To be Turkish is to be Muslim and so Christians are here working against Turkey."

In fact, Christians are a fraction of one per cent of Turkey's 71 million people but it is common for Turks to complain that evangelical churches are proliferating at an alarming rate. Courts continue to prosecute converts for insulting "Turkishness". Three members of the Turkish Protestant Church are currently standing trial.

Missionary activity, while not an offence, has been placed on the list of threats to the nation by the National Security Council."

"Turkey is in a state of transition," said Hussein Ali Karacan, a leading nationalist. "The speed of transformation is shocking to the mindset of nationalists."
Turkish Islamists face Christians' death trial | International News | News | Telegraph

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