Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Trilogy of murder: Conspiracy and beyond (II)

Trilogy of murder: Conspiracy and beyond (II) - Turkish Daily News Dec 26, 2007
In the first part of this series I said it would constitute a conspiracy theory to allege that all these murders are centrally planned and coordinated.

After I wrote the first piece two other terrible incidents happened. A Syriac academic, who was reportedly working on Armenian and Syriac genocide related issues, was killed when his throat was slit and as you all know a catholic priest was stabbed in the stomach while he was conducting a religious ceremony in İzmir. After each incident I kept saying that these incidents would not be the last ones.

I was in Malatya just one day after the massacre of three Christians there and I held a press conference together with the leaders of the Protestant community in which we said, we know this will not be the last incident. And it was not. Murder of the Syriac academic and the assault on the catholic priest will not be the last ones either. This will continue. Maybe until Turkey faces a series of pressure from the outside world!

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