Monday, April 29, 2013

New Church Vandalized in Istanbul

In Istanbul, in the district of Atasehir, a new Church was vandalized on Sunday.  A group of around 30-40 people came to the church and threw rocks and eggs at the building, breaking several windows.  Only one church member was there to see the attack, and the group's identity remains a mystery.  The police arrived shortly afterwards and have launched an investigation to determine who is responsible.  The group also destroyed decorations at the entrance, which had been prepared for the church's grand opening the week before.  Reporters spoke with one of the Church's elders and he made the following statement, "Our Church only just opened last week and we weren't here to disturb anyone, but only to live at peace with everyone and to share God's Word with people as well as minister to the believers in the Messiah, who live in this area."