Thursday, December 22, 2005

Turkey, Christmas in St Peter’s grotto

"A community of people – Catholic, Orthodox, Muslims, believers and non believers – come together on Christmas Eve to invoke the Light which enlightens all men."

"A winding passage in rock on the slope of Mount Stauris. It is blackened by the smoke of candles lit during the festive season, in glaring contrast with the tattered white of the plasterwork, once the background of now barely visible frescoes, which used to cover the entire wall. On the floor are confusing traces of mosaics, indecipherable remains of Byzantine figures.

This is the grotto of St Peter in Antioch, described as the oldest church in the world.

On the night of 24 December, the small Christian community of the city will gather to celebrate Christmas here, in this grotto simply decorated for the occasion: a few carpets, an icon of Mary tenderly embracing her baby, and a candle here and there and some flowers."
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