Sunday, December 18, 2005

Turkish writer goes on trial for insulting nation

"The trial of Turkey's most celebrated author on charges of insulting the nation got off to a chaotic start in Istanbul Friday as militant nationalists heaped abuse on him inside and outside the court.

As he entered the building Orhan Pamuk was met by about 100 banner-bearing nationalists accusing him of being the "son of a (Christian) missionary" and an intellectual who had "sold out" to the Christian West."

"Inside the courtroom, packed to the rafters by about 100 people, prosecution lawyers repeatedly attacked those responsible for "provocations" among the public.

"The people present here are those who say it is the Turkish legal system which is currently on trial," said one of them pointing at the European delegation.

"I protest in the name of all the jurists of Turkey against their presence."
Japan Today - News - Turkish writer goes on trial for insulting nation - Japan's Leading International News Network

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