Monday, October 16, 2006

Pope, Would B Graham Compromise Truth? by Grant Swank

"As I type, in more geographies than Christians would like, Christians are being persecuted by Islamics. Churches are burnt. Muslim converts to Christ are slain. Christian ministers, missionaries and priests are being threatened, some to the extent of being tortured, then slaughtered.

Yes, Christians pray for " peace and harmony." That is in keeping with Christ's directives for His disciples when telling them to pray for their enemies, do good to their enemies and pray for those who despitefully use them. That much the pope got right.

But when it comes to this "brotherly tie over centuries," he is way off-base once again. If there has been a reaching out to be "brotherly" it has come from biblical Christians who take seriously Christ's way of dealing with enemies. Christ set the real-life example in dealing with His own foes who finally murdered Him.

Today Christians have basically fled from Iraq for fear of their lives. The Christian community that once was is now a has been. Why? Because Muslims have killed some, taunted more and laid the sword close to others very existence if they remain inside Iraq.

The more Christians reach out to Muslims, the more zealot Muslims take advantage of the kindness. Muslims don't reach out to Christians by seeking brotherly love. That can't happen for the Koran forbids it. Allah hates non-Muslims."
Pope, Would B Graham Compromise Truth? by Grant Swank

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