Friday, December 15, 2006

Young Turks and Israelis are Most Religious

Or is it that they are the most indoctrinated:

"Approximately 10,000 young people in ten countries were interviewed about their attitude towards religion. Young Turkish Muslims had the strongest faith, followed by Jewish youth in Israel."

"Religious education in Turkey and Poland has the highest degree of sustainability. Eight out of ten young people said they would continue to follow the faith of their parents. By comparison, only one in five young Germany follows in the religious footsteps of their parents.

In Turkey, 84 per cent of all parents find it important that their children carry on in their faith. That is also true for 60 per cent of Polish parents, but only of nine percent of German moms and dads."

..: LE JOURNAL CHRETIEN [Young Turks and Israelis are Most Religious] :..

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