Sunday, December 30, 2007

When the Turkish flag becomes a cross!

When the Turkish flag becomes a cross! - Turkish Daily News Dec 29, 2007
Flags are everywhere. On balconies, in shop windows, on taxis, some of them in huge sizes hanging from huge flagpoles and seen from everywhere. What is this symbolism all about? It is not a celebration, it is not a gesture of joy; there are some elements in it involving protest against terror, we can understand that. However, terror and the armed uprising have been routine parts of our lives for quite some time. This "flag love" is a very new phenomenon though. It was not like that before. The Turkish flag has become a symbol like the cross; every Turkish person should have and put it on a visible place in which they reside or where they work. It is the Turkish cross that will be put forward against evil forces! But who are they? Against whom did we take out our crosses? Is this country under invasion? Is this a protest against the "invaders?" Who are they? It is like in protest against an occupation people are showing their patriotism and their determination to resist!

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