Monday, June 14, 2010

Christians and Muslims attend funeral of murdered bishop

Both Christians and Muslims from all over Turkey attended the funeral of murdered Bishop Luigi Padovese, apostolic vicar of Anatolia, in Iskanderun cathedral. Bishop Luigi was allegedly killed by his driver on 3 June.

In the homily delivered during celebration, Monsignor Ruggero Franceschini, archbishop of Smyrna, noted the passion that Monsignor Padovese had for Turkey and his love for the Turkish people. He said: “In the spirit of collaboration with local authorities on the day before he died, he met with them to discuss the issue of religious minorities in Turkey and to find ways of collaboration for the common good… With him, even we, right here, shall continue to pray such that upon this very Middle East the sky might become more serene, the hearts might find the road for peace, for a harmonious co-existence in the collaboration for the common good”.

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