Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My Neighbor should be from Different Religion

"Bigoted imams and preachers who consider Islam and terror a combined thing and representatives are singled out and whereas previously all Islamic nations were put in a single basket, now there is a different attitude towards Algeria and Turkey. Islamic representatives who hate the West are now a problem and because of them they are for the first time curious about what Islam says."

"Religion is passing through a world wide renaissance. Becoming secular does not have an opposing concept and is a natural process. The reestablishment of religious views is the problem of today as faiths are gaining meaning gradually all over the world. This is a fact which has deep roots and effects over hundreds of years."

"Saying that today belief is not important goes against the lessons of a bloody history. Belief can be independent only if your neighbors have different religions. It is necessary to accept the fact that Turkish Islamic understanding has been in practice for hundreds of years with its philosophical and theological foundations that were developed in the midst of other religions..

Today the idea that religious people must be reactionary has been weakened in the world. "


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