Monday, December 20, 2004

Turkish tradition vs. Western values

Much of Turkey is changing and becoming more modern, but the conflict between old and new has caused many a generational divide. This conflict affects all young people who turn to Christ as well. Pray for these young Christians who face persecution, abuse, and disownment from their families as a result of their choice to follow Christ.

This story illustrates the differences in the old and the new view of things.

"A runaway personifies Germany's multicultural debate"

"She is 18 years old, living in a shelter whose address cannot be disclosed because she escaped from her Turkish-born parents. The reason, she said, was that they were threatening to kill her unless she agreed to marry a man from Turkey whom she had never met."

"She said that her would-be betrothed was wealthy and therefore able to pay a big price for a bride who also would allow him to gain a German passport and German residency."

"Shortly before she turned 18, Jasmin said, her parents found a wealthy Turkish man whom they wanted her to marry. She refused. There were arguments. One day, her parents showed up at her workplace, threatening to kill her if she did not leave with them."
Turkish tradition vs. Western values

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