Saturday, June 04, 2005

Protestant Churches Union: Perincek Supported us

When they really want to smear someone over here, they just say that they worked with protestant missionaries:

"Press Secretary of the Protestant Churches Union Isa Karatas has asserted that Turkish Workers' Party (IP) leader Dogu Perincek supported missionary activities "in a sincere way" especially during the1980s and 90s."

"Indicating that a series of articles about the activities of Protestant missioners and free Bible advertisements were found among the pages of Perincek's periodicals, Karatas revealed that relations went on happily till 1995. The IP leader, on the other hand, refuted the claims, "I have always opposed this."

Karatas emphasizes that Perincek's expressions against the mission contradicted with his past. Stressing that he spoke with Perincek many times in a warm atmosphere, "I have spoken to Perincek many times especially during the Ikibine Dogru [Towards 2000] period. When I went to magazine's building to submit articles, I was able to speak with Perincek without making a prior appointment. He used to behave quite sincerely. I do not think he was insincere in his emotions at that time."

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