Friday, February 25, 2005

Can Turks be Christians?

"Can Turks be Christians?" To give a short answer, "yes they can." Saying that "Turks can never become Christians" is an ordinary claim and empty wish.

Identifying any race with a religion is not absolute. A person born a Jew might either become Christian or Muslim through his/her mother. The idiom "Turk means Muslim and Muslim means Turk" is a superstition that surfaced after the19th century."

"People of any religion and race may change their religions and Turks may also want to change their religions individually or communally. Turkish citizens other than Turks may also choose another religion by quitting Islam. What we should focus on is under which terms and under which influential factors do the change in religion occurs."

"Islam cannot develop by enclosing itself. On the contrary, it reveals its realities when it interacts, enters into discussions and negotiations with other religions."

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