Saturday, February 05, 2005

Religious Education to Counter Proselytizing in Turkey

An alleged former believer shares his fantasies about the work in Turkey and what the "real" motives are:

"The appeal followed revelations by a proselytizer who reverted back to Islam that missionaries attempt to sow a sectarian strife in Turkey by Christianizing a large number of its citizens."

"Meanwhile, a former 37-year-old proselytizer, who reverted back to Islam two weeks ago after converting 20 years ago, warned against politically-motivated plans by proselytizers.

Elgar Shenar said he had been ordered as a proselytizer to intensify missionary work targeting members of the sects of Alawiyyin and Kurds."

"The revelation echoed the Turkish army’s report that said the proselytizers are seeking to pit the Sunnis against the Alawiyyin or the opposite to preach about the Christian faith.

Commanding a wide media attention, the former proselytizer regretted that thousands of Muslims, especially young men, had been Christianized by missionaries in areas densely populated by Turks of Arab or Kurdish descent.

He accused the US Defense Department of standing behind the missionary work in Turkey. He further claimed that he “knew his reverting back to Islam was reported to the Pentagon”."
Islam Online- News Section

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