Friday, February 04, 2005

When Muslims Convert

You have an opportunity and a responsibility to reach out to those around you. When you reach out in love, you can touch the world from where you live. Also, remember to pray for those who turn to Christ, the pressure they can face can be intense:

"In fact, thousands of Muslims in the West embrace Christianity each year, and the courage they must muster to do so is of an entirely different order from the bravado of someone protesting against supposedly pervasive social prejudice. These converts stand accused, rather, of apostasy, a transgression against Islam whose consequences, even in the sheltering confines of the West, are always serious--and sometimes deadly."

"Converts from Islam, especially those who become involved in Christian ministries, often use assumed names, or only their first names, in order to protect themselves and their families. Thus, Abdullah, whose family hails from Saudi Arabia, kept his new faith secret for many years after converting to Christianity in 1980 while living in London. When asked about his religion, he would describe himself only as a "believer." Even after he became a churchgoer, Abdullah hesitated to talk to fellow congregants about his spiritual journey. His new faith, as he recognized from the start, has placed him directly in harm's way."

"The most common dangers faced by Muslim apostates come from their own families. At a recent evangelical convention in Falls Church, Virginia, a couple of female converts from Islam told a reporter about their fears as new Christians. One woman said that when her family finds out, "I know they're going to disown me if they don't kill me." The second woman had similar fears. "My brothers haven't spoken to me in the last couple of years, and that was only because I married an American," she said. "Can you imagine what they would do if they found out I was a Christian?"

When Muslims Convert

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