Friday, February 18, 2005

Wall street journal slams Turkish media

When Freedom of the Press goes dreadfully wrong:

"Under the headline "The Sick Man of Europe -- Again," writer Robert Pollock describes events and stories he heard during a trip to Ankara last month and how the "special" 50-year relationship between the NATO allies is suffering from absurd examples of national paranoia on the part of the Turks."

"Then there's the "eighth planet" theory circulating around the Turkish capital. The theory, says Pollock, "holds not only that the U.S. knows of an impending asteroid strike, but that we know it's going to hit North America. Hence our desire to colonize the Middle East."

Who believes such stuff? According to Pollock, "such stories are told in all seriousness at the most powerful dinner tables in Ankara. The common thread is that almost everything the U.S. is doing in the world -- even tsunami relief -- has malevolent motivations, usually with the implication that we're acting as muscle for the Jews."
Turkish Daily News

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